A Single Journey can Change Your Life

When we set off on a volunteer trip around the world in search of something more, we had no idea it would change our lives forever.

6 months and 4 countries later, while digging a food garden beneath the blazing African sun, we knew we had found that ‘something more’.

We were inspired by the idea of making a real difference and felt more alive than ever, so we asked about jobs at our host organization, African Impact.

We sold our home, cars, and belongings in the UK and headed back to Africa a few months later to take up our new roles as Project Managers in St. Lucia, South Africa.

It was not easy leaving our friends and families to start a new life in another country, but our experience changed us and we knew we could not go back to our ordinary lives.

We threw ourselves into the work and eventually climbed the ranks to Directors, while gaining profound insight into how great things truly can be achieved by working together.

Many small people, who in many small places do many small things, can alter the face of the world,‘ encapsulates the future of African Impact and our Foundation.

We will create long-term, sustainable change in Africa by turning small things into big things through collective efforts.

That belief is what brought us to Africa, and it is what keeps us inspired that together we can make a real impact.

Volunteering is an emotional journey that can create sustainable change, open your eyes to a whole new world, and sometimes, change your life. Like it did for us.