The African Impact Foundation Builds our First School

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
– Helen Keller

African Impact has been running an education project in Jambiani, Zanzibar, since 2008.

Part of this education project includes adult English classes: helping men and women in the community improve their English to enhance their employment opportunities.

But what started with only 8 students, rapidly grew to a regular attendance of over 100 students who come from all over Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Having relied on the generosity of other organizations to host our classes, we looked to our charity, the African Impact Foundation, for help in building our very own education and community center for the people of Jambiani.

In 2015, the African Impact Foundation began fundraising for this project and work commenced on a plot of land in the center of the village.


Meet Papaa, one of our students

Only a year later, with the support of generous donations, hundreds of volunteers, and the dedication of local builders, the Jambiani Education Center first opened its doors.

Flash forward to 2019 and the African Impact Foundation has seen the school completed with a toilet block, running water, electricity, and desks for the community learners.

Our school teaches classes from Monday to Thursday for 1.5 hours, offering instruction to all levels; from beginners through to advanced English. Some students start off unable to write the alphabet having never been to school, while others are able to debate on world issues and want to further their education and career opportunities but cannot afford it.


Meet Martin, one of our students

When possible, foreign languages are taught for an hour after the English lessons and there’s always the option to stay for “Extra English” in that hour too, to further equip the students with skills to make them more employable for the booming tourism industry in the region.

Our Foundation is an important extension of the work volunteers do, and currently funds over 25 different projects across Africa. This includes financing the building of clinics, crèches, and school classrooms, as well as rural teacher training programs, gender empowerment initiatives, and wildlife conservation efforts.

But what’s next for the Jambiani Education Center? The African Impact Foundation is currently fundraising to build a Computer Center, giving students the opportunity to use a computer for the first time.


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