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When you first land in Moshi, of course the first thing you want to see is the famous Mount Kilimanjaro(the highest peak in Africa!), and with good reason – she looks over Moshi beautifully and takes over the whole landscape at sunrise and sunset. There are great places to catch glimpses of 'Kili' (affectionately nicknamed by all who have seen her!) all around Moshi, but sometimes the best spots are the most hidden ones!

Here is a list of 5 best hidden spots where you’ll get good views of the mountain known as 'The Roof of Africa', Mount Kilimanjaro!

Spot 1: Up the ‘Mdawi ya Fundi’ hill

There’s no other way to describe this view point than ‘up the hill’ – a route I discovered when training for the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon. It is a path on the way to Kilimanjaro National Park, best walked (or ran, if you’re brave) in the early morning or early evening, as the snow on Kili is highlighted as the sun rises, or sets. There’s also an amazing view of rural Moshi on the way back down to the road, past the African Impact Volunteer House – not to be missed!


Spot 2: Railway Bar

This gem of a bar is situated in an old colonial railway station, which from the outside looks like a rundown building. But, venture past the ticket office and through the passenger tunnel, and you’ll come across a scattering of plastic chairs and tables over unused railtracks. Aim to arrive at around 5pm, set up camp, grab a cold drink and settle down for a picturesque sunset overlooking both Mwenzi Peak and Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you’re lucky, a guy with a bucket of roasted peanuts will be roaming around – top off the view with a couple of triangles of nuts wrapped in

Spot 3: On the way to class when Volunteering

Every morning Monday – Thursday, the African Impact volunteers head down into Msaranga community to deliver free Kiswahili lessons to a group of Maasai guards, and free English lessons to nursery children and community members. With energetic morning tunes blarring in the van, we are lucky enough to enjoy beautiful views of Kilimanjaro as she wakes up…

Spot 4: Wakipa Womens Group in Sango

‘Wakipa’ means ‘Women of Kilimanjaro Working Together’, and is made up of 13 women from Sango (rural Moshi). They host local evenings in one of the womens’ homes (including an amazing buffet meal) for people who are interested in learning more about the Tanzanian culture. The area of Sango is very flat with few trees, so as you pull up to their home for an evening – the view of Kilimanjaro never disappoints. Combine this with enjoying a huge local meal with a group of amazing, welcoming women and you will have a great evening.

Spot 5: Local garden restaurant

Close to the African Impact volunteer house is a local restaurant that not only serves the best tamarind juice and chapatti around, but provides a green-grass haven with a cracking view of Kilimanjaro. Again, aim to get here around 5pm if you want to have dinner with a view! The best thing to do is ask for a table on the lawn in the back right-hand corner so you can watch Kilimanjaro in all her glory, while tucking into freshly cooked local food.

Kilimanjaro From Garden

Karibu sana to Moshi! A picture can tell a million words but, of course, the best way to see Mt Kilimanjaro is with your own eyes!

How can you get involved with African Impact in Moshi?

By volunteering! Take a look at our available programs in this incredible destination:

–  Education Project

–  Gender Empowerment Project

–  Maasai Tribe Empowerment

–  Community Tourism and Enteprise Development Internship


Or, why not think about hiking the highest peak in Africa? We promise you it’s hard work, but 100% worth it!

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