There are many volunteer projects and organizations in the world, but a huge gap unfortunately exists between the best and the worst. African Impact prides itself on being the very best as proven by the multiple industry awards won every year. A perfect example is being voted the world’s Top Volunteer Abroad Organization by volunteers on GoAbroad two years in a row!

Our Commitment To Excellence is a statement of intent – we are, and will continue to be, the very best and most impactful volunteer organization in Africa.

Delivering Experiences Beyond Expectations

cape town staff team

We recognize that it is a big decision to choose to volunteer and travel in Africa, and we want you to have the experience of a lifetime while you’re here. We deliver far more than just “24/7 support”’ – our staff live and experience every day with you and will show you the real, amazing Africa! We will help you to make impacts, friendships, memories, and adventures that will stay with you forever!

Beyond Volunteering; Creating Global Citizens

volunteer with maasai tribe member in kenya

Over the years, we have noticed the amazing effects our volunteer programs have had on all involved.  While not always tangible or easy to measure, the biggest impact we make is often on individuals – our volunteers, the people we work with, and yes, our staff too!

Bringing people together allows them to gain a new perspective, to realize what is important in life, and to put into action something which has been just a dream before.

The environment we create on all our volunteer programs sets a platform for people to work and learn together, becoming Global Citizens while growing and gaining confidence. Cross-cultural learning, appreciating people’s differences, the feeling of self-worth from working within a team from across the globe; all of this generates changes in everyone involved. We see attitudes and actions improve, we see an appreciation of how we are all connected and finally, we see how everyone benefits by thinking from a different perspective.

Meaningful and Measurable Projects

students undergoing assessments in livingstone zambia

Truly understanding of the impact of our projects and your contribution, is what makes African Impact the industry leaders. In fact, we believe this is the only way to justify bringing you here.

At each of our project sites, we draw up structured and sustainable plans to meet the needs of the communities and wildlife we work with. All our projects are required to submit carefully-logged quarterly development reports which reflect on achievements, including the involvement of local community liaisons, and which allows planning for the next quarter with realistic and measurable goals.

Having permanent teams working alongside volunteers and interns every day, enables short-term volunteering to meaningfully contribute to our wider goals.

We Are With You All The Way

african impact volunteer abroad

You will simply not be able to find an organization with better first-hand knowledge of volunteering in Africa. Our experienced teams will be with you every step of the way, both on and off your project, to ensure you have the very best experience, and to help you make the biggest impact possible during your time in Africa.

Our local and international staff are dedicated and passionate about the impact volunteers can make. From our Destination Specialists to the project teams you will work with daily, we understand what it is like to be a volunteer and we will be on-hand to guide you through the entire journey.

Our Space, Your Home

victoria falls volunteer house

The more comfortable you are in the space you live, the bigger your contribution to your chosen project, and the better your experience. We at African Impact put a lot of time into selecting and creating the space you will call home. Your Home with us is safe, secure, in a great location, and shared with our team and other like-minded volunteers.