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Rural Home Stay NGO Operations and Education Internship

Limpopo Province, South Africa

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minimum stay4 Weeks

destinationSouth Africa



Education & Youth Development

Learn all about NGO operations and education in rural Africa while you assist in exciting educational initiatives in a rural South African Village. You will be based in a stunning and varied destination with magnificent scenery and abundant African wildlife.

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Nestled between the borders of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, your intern home village is situated on the fence line of the Kruger National Park and the Mutale River in South Africa. A truly spectacular area, the village of Bennde-Mutale is quite large, with approximately 150 homesteads. As an intern, you will be housed with a local family, giving you an authentic African cultural experience.

During your work and travel experience on this South African internship you will gain practical work skills with an NGO, make a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged youth and enhance your resume with international work experience. You will live and work in the rural village and assist with NGO operations and lend a hand in a local crèche or primary school. You will support education through school programs in partnership with the local community.

African Impact truly believes in making a difference and seeks to maximise the positive impact of ethical internships in Africa, both for our interns and for communities and conservation efforts.

project pricing
4 Weeks: USD 1200 GBP 2100 EUR 1560
5 Weeks : USD 2450 GBP 1400 EUR 1820
6 Weeks : USD 2800 GBP 1600 EUR 2080
7 Weeks : USD 3150 GBP 1800 EUR 2340
8 Weeks : USD 3500 GBP 2000 EUR 2600
9 Weeks : USD 3850 GBP 2200 EUR 2860
10 Weeks : USD 4200 GBP 2400 EUR 3120
11 Weeks : USD 4550 GBP 2600 EUR 3380
12 Weeks : USD 4900 GBP 2800 EUR 3640

Please note a longer placement may be possible - kindly send through an enquiry for more information.

project start date

This internship starts every week on a Monday. Volunteers are encouraged to arrive in South Africa on a Sunday.

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During this unique African internship experience you will be involved in the operational aspects of the NGO as well as assisting in a wide range of projects surrounding educational development within the village. You will assist NGO managers with liaising with local civic organizations, funding and grant research, sourcing and assessing future community development projects within the region and assisting Bennde Mutale Home Based Care with operational guidance.

As an intern, your involvement in the educational program can be tailored, however, current projects within the village include after-school clubs, crèches and local primary school education. The After-School Club involves many varied activities for children aged 6 to 17 years of age. Activities range from teaching English, math and geography, to playing sports and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Programs run Monday to Thursday, from 16:00pm till 18:00pm. Staff at the local crèches are dedicated and passionate, but there are few resources, often working without pay. Volunteer and intern assistance is highly valued as they care for 40-60 kids aged 1-5 years at the learning centre. At primary schools you will act as a teaching assistant, though invariably teachers are lacking so you may be in a classroom on your own, with learners from Grade 4 – Grade 7.

You will need to be creative, and use your initiative to design your own educational materials with limited resources.

Things to do with your spare time
Friday Intern Activities

On Fridays you can enjoy a barbeque with the team and maybe a couple of drinks at the local shebeen (rural bar), followed by star gazing into the African sky.

Local activities pin it!
Local Activities

The surrounding region offers great opportunities for hiking, river walks, birding and many other opportunities for the adventurous soul.  

Wildlife pin it!

This area of South Africa is definitely the perfect place for an African wildlife experience. Trips will be organised so volunteers can visit the Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa, go to Makuya Park, (when not hunting season) for a BBQ on the river opposite the Kruger National Park and visit local ruins and natural caves in the area.  

Volunteers will also visit the largest Baobab in Africa, Lake Fundudzi (the only natural Lake in South Africa) and  Nwanedi Nature Reserve. 


One day trip will be organized every other weekend for interns, which includes Kruger National Park, the Big Tree and environs, Makuya Park (when open),Venda and many other places off the beaten track! Typically trips will include lunch and limited beverages. Interns are encouraged to explore the area, go on short trips with locals, join in with birthday parties, weddings and the local favourite, football matches!

Crossing the border

Occasionally local football games are organized across the border in Mozambique. Interns are invited to cross with the teams and supporters.

About Limpopo Province
About limpopo province pin it!

Limpopo is South Africa's northernmost province and is a region of contrasts. With bushveld to majestic mountains, indigenous forests, unspoilt wilderness and patchworks of farmland it is no wonder it is a popular tourist destination. Accommodation as an intern here is home-stay with a local family, providing a unique opportunity to gain a firsthand insight to how people live within the rural community.

You will likely live in a thatched, circular, traditional home, which is a lot cooler on the inside than out. It is a typical form of Venda dwelling and a very practical form of accommodation. You will have a private room, and ablution facilities will be basic but functional. Hot water is available. During the week you will eat with the family. The staple food is pap (stiff porridge) with a variety of vegetables and often chicken.

You will be provided with a balanced diet and if you have any specific dietary requirements this can be catered for. This community development internship in an incredibly unique opportunity that will renew your appreciation for what you have and open your eyes to new cultures, traditions and ways of living. Not only will you gain new friends, and an enhanced CV with international work experience, but you will also gain a new perspective on life.

Feedback from our volunteers
Ladina, Switzerland

“I like it a lot that Friends of Mutale is a small NGO! You see everything they do, you would always know what's happening, what the problems (and solutions to those problems) at the time are and what things work well and what wouldn't work. Also, people in charge of the NGO working with you is great, unlike when they are just sitting in an office not really aware of what's going on at the project. I also like it that you do home-stays and not just let people stay in guest houses or volunteer houses.”

Joanna, Australia

“I really enjoyed the homestay accommodation!  Victor and Mavis were so friendly and welcoming it was like having a brand new family.  I also found it really interesting to watch the interaction between external charities, Friends of Mutale and the local community.  It has given me great insight into the complexity of foreign aid and charity assistance.”