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Orphan Care & Teaching, Victoria Falls


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minimum stay2 Weeks



Teaching & Education

Child & Orphan Care

As a volunteer in Zimbabwe you can bring hope and smiles to the needy and orphaned by simple acts of caring, playing, teaching and getting your hands a little dirty too…all while experiencing the beauty and adventures of one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls.

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Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown in recent years has led to a quarter of the population seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and has resulted in up to one million internally displaced persons. Disadvantaged communities in and around Victoria Falls, in the West of Zimbabwe, have benefitted greatly from the work of African Impact – its volunteer work in Africa as well as its tourism support in the local community.

Due to poverty and hunger, education came under threat in 2000, and volunteer work opportunities in this area allow you to make a difference in the future of this once thriving nation.

Your opportunity to change lives will come in the form of interacting with and educating orphans and local children, encouraging sustainable development by assisting in the community vegetable gardens, increasing the standard of living by lending a hand in building renovations, helping those living with HIV/AIDS and caring for the elderly.

With the assistance of volunteers in Zimbabwe, the Rose of Charity Orphanage now has a playground, a water tank has been installed in Chinotimba Garden, Monde Primary School has been equipped with furniture and burglar bars and classrooms have had a face-lift with a new coat of paint.

Basic necessities, such as a toilet for Dako Garden, were built; and renovations to the old age home were also made possible. As a volunteer in Africa you not only improve the living conditions of those less fortunate, but you bring love, life and hope. You discover things about yourself, stir up a new sense of appreciation for what you have and encounter a new culture and way of life.

African Impact focuses on responsible volunteering and adheres to a strict set of protocols when working with orphaned and vulnerable children. You can view our Child Protection Policy here [link to responsible volunteering page].

project pricing
2 Weeks: USD 1422 GBP 813 EUR 1057
3 Weeks: USD 1805 GBP 1032 EUR 1341
4 Weeks: USD 2188 GBP 1250 EUR 1625
5 Weeks: USD 2516 GBP 1438 EUR 1869
6 Weeks: USD 2844 GBP 1625 EUR 2113
7 Weeks: USD 3172 GBP 1813 EUR 2357
8 Weeks: USD 3500 GBP 2000 EUR 2600
9 Weeks: USD 3829 GBP 2188 EUR 2844
10 Weeks: USD 4157 GBP 2375 EUR 3088
11 Weeks: USD 4485 GBP 2563 EUR 3332
12 Weeks: USD 4813 GBP 2750 EUR 3575

Please note a longer placement may be possible - kindly send through an enquiry for more information.

project start date

Projects start on a Monday. Volunteers should therefore arrange their arrival on a Monday with a minimum stay of 2 weeks.

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A major part of the Orphan Care and Teaching Volunteer project is community upliftment and development, bringing hope for the future of this nation.

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Caring for the Vulnerable

By volunteering with children abroad, simply playing with them, giving them a smile or a hug can have a life-changing effect. Positive interaction increases their self-worth, instilling a sense of acceptance and giving them vision for a happy future.

Many of the children also benefit from chatting with volunteers, practicing their English and learning about different countries and cultures. HIV/AIDS sufferers and the elderly are also vulnerable to rejection, prejudice and negligence from the community. Recognition and care brings much hope to them.

Community upliftment pin it!

Community Upliftment

An improved standard of living brings about a sense of pride in ones work and a desire to better one’s life and community. By painting, renovating and providing basic sanitation facilities your volunteer work has a life-changing impact.

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Community Development

Community upliftment projects are vital for the sustained and prosperous future of Zimbabwe. From getting your hands dirty in the vegetable gardens, healthcare volunteering or sharing your skills and expertise in improving and facilitating community projects, you can make a lasting difference.

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The most powerful weapon for the future of this generation is contributing to education in the local community. Teaching volunteers play a big role not only in imparting knowledge but also in life skills development and basic physical development and health through fun sporting activities.

Conservation pin it!

As one of the main tourist attractions in Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls is an important part of economic sustenance in this community as well as a source of hydro- power generation. You can play an important part in conservation efforts through conservation education. The volunteer location also provides the opportunity to see the Lion Rehabilitation Programme.

Things to do with your spare time
On your doorstep pin it!
On Your Doorstep

Volunteer accommodation is a mere 2km from the breath-taking Victoria Falls and mighty Zambezi River. Vic Falls is a quaint tourist town and full of great restaurants and bars for you to visit. As a volunteer you will enjoy barbeques together, group dinners at local restaurants, night research drives and sun downers.

Adventure seekers pin it!
Adventure Seekers

The Victoria Falls region has ample activities to appeal to the adrenaline junkie in you. Adventures include: white-water rafting, canoeing, elephant rides, walking with lions, helicopter & micro-light flights, bungee jumping, gorge swinging and to stock up on souvenirs to remember it all, a trip to the craft market.

Leisure activities pin it!
Leisure Activities

Once you have had your adrenaline fix the leisurely options of a sunset cruise, horseback safari and steam train trip await. Vic Falls is also a great destination for birdwatching.

About Victoria Falls
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Victoria Falls Town is not only host to one of the Seven Wonders of the World but also welcomes its guests with warm smiles and friendly hospitality. Only 1km from the town, and 2km from the actual Falls, volunteers stay at the Adventure Lodge in en-suite rooms with access to Wifi, DSTV, bar area and swimming pool.

This beautiful area of Zimbabwe is the perfect place to indulge your senses, with the majestic site of the Falls and the sound of its thunder and feel of its spray. An array of wildlife such as buffalo, elephant, baboons, warthog and elephants are common sightings and occasionally lions and leopards have also been spotted nearby. Bushbuck, waterbuck, crocodiles, hyena, hippo and eagles also make their home in the vicinity of the Zambezi waters.

Volunteers can enjoy some unusual cuisine at local restaurants by trying warthog or crocodile meat, and for the less adventurous you will easily be able to find the standard ‘safer’ fare of pizza, burgers, locally grown vegetables and fruits.

Your eyes will be opened to a life far removed from your own and you will leave with a deep sense of gratitude, love for those whose lives you touched and who touched yours and your soul will always thank you for taking this journey in volunteering abroad.

Feedback from our volunteers
Gabi Oms, Brazil

I've spent only 2 weeks at this project, but I've definitely learned what a lot of people don't in their whole lifetime. It was amazing to meet so many kind and loving people of Zimbabwe that always had a smile on their faces, seeing the little they had as a blessing already.

Trying to help others, you end up helping yourself without even noticing it. And of course, you get to know really nice people from all over the world and end up making great friends! I'm definitely coming back as soon as I can, but this time I'll be staying longer for sure!

Daniella Rodrigues, UK

It is no exaggeration for me to say that it is the best thing that I have done in my life to date. I can only speak from my experience, but I grew more as a person in the two weeks that I spent in Zimbabwe than I have in years!!! It speaks volumes that I am intending on re-visiting the project again this year as I never usually visit a place twice. You will find that no two days are the same, and although sometimes emotional – the smiles far outweigh the tears.

Kerry Hunt, UK

This experience has been absolutely amazing. The Zimbabwean people have taught me a lot about priorities in life that I think in the west we have forgotten. It has made me realize that I want to take a new direction with my career.

Project brochure
Project Brochure

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