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Mobile Clinics Assistance, Rural Kenya

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minimum stay4 Weeks



Healthcare & Medical

Travel through rural Kenya and assist a mobile clinic in bringing hope, healthcare and education to poverty stricken communities. You’ll experience true Africa and be able to soak up the beautiful scenery, colourful culture and unmatched wildlife.

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Kenya is regarded as a developing country, and the communities in which this project works are incredibly poor. The wellbeing of Kenyans and the environment is rapidly deteriorating. Over population is the predominant factor in causing unnecessary suffering and poverty, contributing to an increasingly unbalanced and unsustainable ecological environment.

Rural communities are affected by insufficient access to water and sanitation and lack basic healthcare and educational facilities. This healthcare volunteer project aims to assist these communities through teaching and healthcare, as well as helping them be more self-sufficient and sustainable.

The mobile clinics offer health resources through family planning, HIV/AIDS integrated services, TB, curative health care, and immunization. Services are delivered mainly to people living in central and northern Kenya. Founded in 1999, the clinic successfully treats and educates thousands of Kenyans annually.

Consisting of nurses, health workers and a driver, the Mobile Clinic visits a different community and school each day, revisiting each site every 3 months to provide follow-up care and education.

Although this is a medical volunteer project, administrators and fundraisers are essential in making charity work in Africa a success and therefore there is a big need for such volunteers, regardless of your medical knowledge. This volunteer project will allow you to gain experience in the medical field by working closely with nurses and community health workers.

From time to time you may need to camp for 5 - 10 days in the field with the mobile clinics to gather data and prepare reports. Whilst volunteering in Kenya you will experience the wildlife-filled plains of Laikipia, whilst you travel and learn some of the fascinating characteristics of nomadic Kenyan cultures.

project pricing
4 Weeks: USD 3088 GBP 1606 EUR 2087

Please note a longer placement may be possible - kindly send through an enquiry for more information.

project start date

Volunteers can join this project for 1 - 6 months. The project starts on the first of each new month. There is a separate fee for qualified doctors/nurses, please enquire for more information or consult the project brochure.

Fundraising and administrative assistance pin it!

Fundraising and Administrative Assistance

As a volunteer your involvement is hugely needed in administrative work duties. You will be required to document information on the clinics, prepare proposals to present to potential donors, prepare reports for current donors and prepare write-ups and descriptions for respective volunteer community project websites. This work will also give you valuable experience in NGO operations.

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Mobile Assistance

As you volunteer in Africa your duties could include taking photos and video footage to be made into promotional documentaries and for use as fundraising tools. There may also be the opportunity for you to travel out and camp for 5 – 10 days with the mobile clinics to gather data and prepare reports. Life in rural Kenya can present significant challenges and it is advisable to be well-informed of these challenges before agreeing to support the project.

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Medical Assistance

Experienced and qualified medical volunteers who are able to travel out into the field will be a great help to the teams on the ground and will be needed in documenting information on the clinics, documenting progress reports on the medical teams and statistics from the field, and supporting the trained medical staff in their duties in the field.

Things to do with your spare time
Wildlife experience pin it!
Wildlife Experience

Rich in wildlife, Kenya offers a multitude of safari experiences for you to discover. You can experience the wild up close on horseback, do a mountain bike safari or join a walking safari - camping in the wild, sleeping under the stars. If you are looking for something a little more unusual you can also safari on camel back.


Kenya is a world of highs and lows ideal for the hiking enthusiast. From the snow-capped peak of Mount Kenya to the desert plains of the north, there are a range of treks from grassland walks through game rich ranges to high altitude routes on alpine slopes.

Water Sports

The Kenyan coast is a hidden treasure with beautiful beaches, great for relaxing and even better for water sport activities. You can enjoy boat rides and kite surfing, and inland you can also discover the freshwater lakes of the Rift Valley - ideal for boating, waterskiing and windsurfing.


White water rafting and kayaking are relatively new sports in Kenya but the dramatic rivers make for endless possibilities and guaranteed adventure. The Kenyan shore also makes for a spectacular skydive, magnificent scenery and a soft landing on the white sand.

Cultural Activities and Tours

Kenya has a number of museums to visit, however one of Kenya’s best hidden historic treasures is the Gedi Ruins. The ruins are a lost city lying in the depths of the great Arabuko Sokoke forest. Seasonal events you can enjoy, submerging yourself into the local culture, are the Maralal Camel Derby and Lamu cultural festival.

About the Laikipia Wildlife Area

This volunteer project has its base in the Laikipia wildlife area. Laikipia is home to fascinating and ethnically diverse communities, including the Maasai, who live side-by-side with Kikuyu, Europeans and Turkana. The region is considered the gateway to Kenya’s wild Northern frontier country. Wild and sparsely populated, it is largely covered by large privately owned ranches. Despite being a non-protected area, wildlife in Laikipia is abundant. It has the highest diversity of large mammals in Kenya, including significant populations of all major predators and the famous ‘Big 5'.

During your work and travel in Africa you will be comfortably accommodated in a self-contained cottage on a family property, surrounded by the Laikipia Wildlife Conservation area. You will cater for your own meals, however transport to Nanyuki will be provided approximately once a week (every ten days) for grocery shopping. During your time out in the field with the Mobile clinic, you will be doing some basic camping and experience Kenyan cuisine.

Kenya offers savannahs rich with big game, unique cultures unchanged by the modern world, unspoiled beaches, tropical forests, snow-capped mountains, deserts and endless opportunities for adventure and discovering a new world. Come to Kenya and begin your own great adventure story.

Feedback from our volunteers
Conrad Chilvers, UK

I doubt if you will ever find a more rewarding experience than spending time in Laikipia, or further north in Samburu with the Mobile Field Teams. The colourful, friendly, people that you will meet contrast sharply with the problems faced by these people, set against a most beautiful environment.

Sam, Australia
Madeline, Holland
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