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Hands-on Lion Conservation, Victoria Falls


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minimum stay2 Weeks



Lion Rehabilitation

Wildlife Research & Conservation


Leave your mark in Africa as you play a vital role in the conservation of the King of the Jungle. As a volunteer you will walk with and rehabilitate young African Lions to their natural habitat, restoring a population of these magnificent animals which are drastically on the decline. Africa beckons. Don’t make it wait.

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Over the past 40 years, the African lion population has decreased by an astonishing 80 – 90% with an estimated number of lions in Africa to be as low as 32,000. By joining volunteer projects in Africa together with African Impact, ALERT and Lion Encounter, you can assist in reversing the damage done in these delicate eco systems.

Lions play an important role in drawing many foreign tourists to enjoy safari experiences and therefore generating much needed income for many impoverished areas in Africa. Lions are also vital in the maintenance of biodiversity as they fulfill their role in the food chain by regulating more dominant herbivore species.

The Victoria Falls Lion Conservation Volunteering project is part of the groundbreaking ALERT [African Lion and Environmental Research Trust] Lion Rehabilitation Program. As a volunteer you will partake in this 4-stage lion rehabilitation program releasing cubs of captive bred lions into release sites and reserves across Africa as wild-born off-spring.

Through these four stages African Impact and its partners aim to preserve the African Lion by producing quality gene pools, increasing the number of lions, and introducing offspring back into wild environments.

With the help of wildlife volunteers in Africa the project has made amazing progress and already released two prides of lions into release sites where their wild-born cubs are being raised without any human interaction. As you volunteer with animals abroad you will be amazed in seeing young cubs develop into a hunters, training, feeding and walking with them.

Volunteers assist by taking cubs out into their natural habitat to discover the sights and sounds of the bush. Volunteer work also includes data collection of the lions and prey species; and other amazing animals inhabiting the Zambezi National Park as well as presenting two educational classes per week in local schools about environmental conservation and lion protection.

project pricing
2 Weeks: USD 2017 GBP 1153 EUR 1498
3 Weeks: USD 2842 GBP 1624 EUR 2111
4 Weeks: USD 3667 GBP 2095 EUR 2724

Please note a longer placement may be possible - kindly send through an enquiry for more information.

project start date

This project starts each week on a Monday.

Caring for the cubs pin it!

Caring for the cubs

As a wildlife volunteer you will spend time daily with the lion cubs, feeding them and making natural toys for them.

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Lion Walks

After the initial period of care by their mothers, cubs are removed from the breeding site and trained to the point where it is safe to walk with them. Volunteer work entails taking the cubs (up until the age of 18 months) out every day as they are given opportunity to practice their hunting skills, build their confidence and accustom to their natural environment.

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Once lions are relocated into a natural pride and managed ecosystem, monitoring and research is integral to the success of the conservation initiative. You will assist in keeping track of their progress in the wild, monitoring sufficient prey species to hunt and competitive species such as hyena.

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Volunteer work opportunities will also include interaction with the community children in the local schools, teaching them about the importance of conservation for the future of their environment and sustenance. This is a great chance to get a true glimpse into local culture and acquaint yourself with local customs.

Things to do with your spare time
Adventure activities pin it!
Adventure Activities

The pure site of the great Victoria Falls will leave you in awe and its waters flowing down the Zambezi were made for adventure. From white-water rafting to sunset cruises, bungee jumping from the Victoria bridge or abseiling – the options are endless!

Group activities pin it!
Group Activities

Once a week volunteers enjoy a group barbeque at either the National Parks Project or Lion Encounter Masuwe. Volunteers also have free time to go into Vic Falls Town and enjoy the delightful restaurants and some cultural cuisine.

Crossing the border pin it!
Crossing the Border

Volunteers are also presented the option to venture to neighbouring Botswana for the day on a game drive and cruise on the Chobe river. Chundu Island is a popular excursion to the middle of the Zambezi National Park including a boat cruise, game drive and stay on the island between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

About Victoria Falls
About victoria falls pin it!

Known as the Adventure Capital of Africa, your Victoria Falls stay promises an exciting journey in work & play. Volunteers stay at the Adventure Lodge, which is a backpackers lodge with a great dining area, pool and short walk away from the town. People are incredibly friendly and hospitable and love to welcome you in sharing the beauty of their surroundings. Victoria Falls is a safe town with the most remarkable sunrises and sunsets.

The national parks here are some of the best in Africa and wildlife is easily spotted roaming around. The misty spray of the Falls causes a permanent drizzle and waters the surrounding vegetation, also forming beautiful rainbows. The Zambezi river is home to crocodiles, hippos, kingfishers and draws many animals to drink from its streams.

With so many activities and projects on offer, Victoria Falls is the perfect location for gap year programs, university volunteering, high school programs and working holidays. You will gain a new sense of appreciation as you learn new cultures and traditions, history and a little of the local language. You will never run out of things to learn, adventures to experience, people to help or animals to see, and the impact it will have on your life will be priceless.

Feedback from our volunteers
Nick Mountney, UK

"Having had time to reflect on my trip I can safely say it has been the best experience of my life. As soon as I arrived I felt welcome and at home. I cant thank you or your staff enough for making me feel like a valued member of the team and for all the good work they do. You are all a credit to yourselves, your families, the company and the country. I also have a different outlook on life now because of my experience.

I feel like I left my heart in Zim and I am already trying to plan my next visit! Next time for a lot longer I hope."

Philippa Goff - UK

The time I had in Vic Falls was the best 4 weeks of my life. My perspective on life has been changed, and the whole experience was life changing. I only properly realized what I had back home when I came to Vic Falls saw the lifestyle of others. I have met some amazing people who will be friends for life, and I will always have a special connection with lions and Victoria Falls.

If you have a passion for wildlife and want to meet some incredible people, I recommend this project.

Anna Lindstrom, Sweden

"This has been one of my best experiences in my life. A very safe country with people who are absolutely amazingly friendly! The program is so professional laid out and well structured and it’s definitely making a change for a better world. Thanks you so much for everything!! I’ll definitely be back one day. "

Clare Hunton, UK

I think the program is a perfect balance of volunteer work and holiday. "There is plenty of time to relax and enjoy Zimbabwe, this was an unexpected bonus as I fully anticipated working all day every day! . I have met some lovely people, been privileged to participate in a great conservation program and learnt a lot about Zimbabwe. I would have no hesitation in recommending the program to my friends. Thank you! I wish I could stay longer!"

Gavin Mc Glone, UK

"Africa has greatly influenced my perspective on life as it made me think you don’t need to have riches and possessions to be happy. This program was simply amazing, without a doubt the greatest thing I have ever done. The project has made me feel more confident and experienced in my dream to travel the world and hopefully come back to lion encounter for longer."

Project brochure
Project Brochure

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