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Community Building & Construction, Madagascar

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Building & Development

Help make a lasting difference to some of the poorest communities in the world by making clean water and education available to people in desperate need, while exploring some of the most unique landscapes and wildlife on earth.

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Weak from long-term political instability, Madagascar has seen both poverty and environmental damage significantly increase over the past few years with a degree of breakdown in law enforcement following a coup. There is a great need for resources at all levels of the Malagasy education and health systems.

State-provided health facilities in Madagascar are seriously underfunded. Access to clean water sources and adequate sanitation infrastructure is practically non-existent in many rural communities, and as many as 1 in 3 children die before their 5th birthday due to easily preventable diseases. In both urban and rural areas the majority of the population has little or no access to even basic levels of formal education.

The Anosy region where this volunteer project is based, has one of highest illiteracy rates in the country at 80%. African Impact, together with its partners, aims to create sustainable improvements in health for priority rural villages through community education and provision of water and sanitation infrastructure.

These construction initiatives are vital in supporting impoverished communities in one of the poorest countries in the world. As a short-term volunteer in community projects you will have the opportunity to take a very hands-on role in remote and incredibly poor rural areas. As you volunteer in Africa, you will be immersed in the Malgasy culture throughout your visit and will work alongside a local team with 24 hour support.

Whether you are helping to build a school, well, or latrine - digging foundations, painting classrooms, constructing furniture or building wells - your involvement will make a lasting difference to education, safe drinking water and sanitation.

project pricing
2 Weeks: USD  GBP 595 EUR 
3 Weeks: USD  GBP 795 EUR 

Please note a longer placement may be possible - kindly send through an enquiry for more information.

project start date

The short term volunteer projects run over 2 - 3 weeks. Start dates are as follows: 2015: 12 January - 26 January / 2 February 10 April - 24 April / 1 May 9 July - 23 July / 30 July 6 October - 20 October / 27 October

Latrine building pin it!

Latrine Building

Charity work in Africa is key to providing subsidized latrines as households are unable to afford the full cost of a latrine. Volunteer work includes wire cutting for the cement pit of the latrine, cement mixing and moulding for the SanPlat, side slabs and lid, and sawing and chiseling to create the wooden frame for the latrine building above ground.

Each household receiving a latrine also makes a small monetary contribution towards the materials and labour costs. After you and your team mates have prepared the wooden frame, the beneficiary household digs the hole for the latrine and the frame is assembled and put in place.

School building pin it!

School Building

School building work generally takes a number of months to complete. You will receive training in basic construction and safety, including Malagasy building techniques. The work includes digging and filling foundations, constructing reinforced wire walls and concrete pillars and then filling these in with bricks, cement and clay to form strong walls.

School renovations  repairs pin it!

School Renovations & Repairs

Madagascar is subject to a harsh climate with extreme and unpredictable weather conditions. These conditions are particularly notable and have taken their toll on early design wooden school buildings. You will assist in the repairs by building verandahs around the schools to protect their walls from the elements and replacing any damaged wooden planks and doors.

Things to do with your spare time
Explore the Beaches

Madagascar has a variety of beaches to explore - some on the tourist trail, and others are a little more remote and undiscovered.  The most popular beaches are in Diego, Anakao, and the islands of Nosy Be, Sainte Marie, & Nosy Ve.

Avenue of the baobabs pin it!
Avenue of the Baobabs

The unique Baobab trees can be found all around Madagascar, however an hour from Morondava there are a unique set of trees lined along the road where you can get exceptional pictures at sunset.

Big tsingy stone forest pin it!
Big Tsingy Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is not easy to get to, but it is very well worth taking time after your volunteer program to give it a visit. It takes 1 complete day via 4×4 on very rough terrain to get to the world's largest stone forest, where high spiked towers of eroded limestone tower over the greenery. Despite its cold, dangerous appearance, the forest of 300ft stones is home to a number of animal species, including 11 types of lemur.

Explore the Wildlife

Madagascar & the islands surrounding the country have eight plant families, five bird families, and five primate families that live nowhere else on Earth.  Throughout the entire island you can find the 70 different species of Lemurs and see through chameleons. There are a variety of parks to visit including Berenty, Andasibe-Mantadia, Ankarana Montagne d’Ambre and Masoala.


Madagascar has great diving opportunities.  The diving hotspots are mainly in the Northern coast in the cities of Nosy Be & Diego.  You can also find good diving in Ifaty, Anakao, Morondava, and around the islands of Sainte Marie.

Whale Watching in Madagascar

You are able to see humpback whales throughout the entire year near the waters of Saint Marie on the eastern coast; however the best time to see the whales is between June to September.

About the Anosy Region
About the anosy region pin it!

During your volunteer travel in Africa you will be based in the Anosy region of Madagascar, a beautiful and remote part in the south east of the country. You will either be in the stunning coastal town of Fort Dauphin, or a rural village. Camping with an international group of volunteers who will very quickly become like a small family unit, you will work hard together but also have a lot of fun and plenty of opportunity to explore the surrounding landscape.

Tents and basic camping facilities are provided. When in Fort Dauphin, you will camp at the stunning lake-side site of Lanirano, which is fully equipped with flush toilets and showers as well as electricity for charging cameras, iPods, mobile phones etc. Laundry services are also available locally. Whilst working at the project sites, the facilities will be more basic but there is always a latrine and private washing amenities.

A resident cook travels with the team and is responsible for preparing meals for you each day. Food is simple, but tasty, nutritionally balanced and locally sourced. A plentiful supply of treated drinking water will always be available and, in addition, soft drinks, snacks, beer and rum are usually available to buy locally.

By partaking in these volunteer opportunities in Africa you will come to a new appreciation for your own life, be bewildered by natures amazing scenes and most probably, never be the same again.

Feedback from our volunteers
Melissa Duckworth

I can’t say a negative word about the whole thing... I loved it, I’m in the process at the moment of looking to do it again…I would tell someone to definitely do it if they have an interest in physical work and volunteering. I met amazing people and had a great experience.

Michaela MCaffrey

I feel that I made a positive contribution to a long-term effort to enhance the lives of the people of Madagascar… I have become more confident, more comfortable in myself. I made friends from a range of places and discovered a part of the world that I am determined to revisit.